A learning disorder also called reading disability is characterized by difficulty reading. It is due to problem in identifying speech sounds and learning how they relate to letters and words. It has nothing to do with intelligence. It is linked to genes and run in families.


  • Late talking
  • Learning new words slowly
  • Reading below the expected level
  • Problem understanding
  • Problem remembering sequence of things
  • Difficulty in identifying similarities and differences in letters and words
  • Difficulty in learning spellings
  • Problem in understanding expression
  • Difficulty in memorizing and doing maths


  • Educational problems
  • Emotional problem
  • Social problem
  • Career problem

How to diagnose dyslexia

  • Family history
  • Medical history
  • Developmental history
  • Reading and Language test
  • Psychological tests

Support and Management

  •  Identify early
  • Support and motivate child
  •  Read aloud
  •  Be patient
  •  Individual education plan and techniques
  •  Remain in touch with teachers
  •  Join support groups
  • Homeopathy is helpful